How To Get Something on the Faculty Senate Agenda

  1. Contact your Faculty Senate Representative—The easiest and most efficient way to raise an issue or get an item on the Faculty Senate agenda is to contact your representative.  The representatives, by college, are listed at the following address:


  1. Email the Faculty Senate Chair/President—You may contact the Faculty Senate Chair directly through the email address provided on this website or by emailing  If you wish to remain anonymous, you may send an email using the comments section here (LINK TO COMMENTS PAGE).  Emails sent from the comments page do not require that you identify yourself and go directly to the Faculty Senate Chair/President when you submit.  If you send an anonymous comment or issue, please provide enough detail that it makes it possible for the Faculty Senate Chair/President to investigate and report the issue to the Faculty Senate. 


  1. Attend the Faculty Senate Meeting—The Faculty Senate meets every second Tuesday of each month during the Fall and Spring terms.  These meetings are open to anyone.  You may come to the meeting and speak with the Faculty Senate Chair/President in advance of the meeting to request to raise an issue during the Open Forum section of the meeting.

Responses to Feedback

When feasible, Faculty Senate will respond to questions received through the Faculty Senate website.  Many of the comments will require further discussion or investigation with relevant offices on campus.  As such, not every comment received will be posted and responded to, but we will try to respond to those comments and concerns that can be easily addressed.