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The Citation Situation

As the semester wraps up, many students are also wrapping up their research papers and projects.  The all-important bibliography looms, and preparing that last page or two often becomes more complicated than it initially seemed.  The Ross Pendergraft Library is here to help with a pretty amazing citation tool called Refworks.

Refworks is the citation management platform that collects, stores, and organizes the research you have found using scholarly databases.  It also creates bibliographies from those citations in an online interface accessible from anywhere.  You can find links to Refworks on our homepage:

For many students, organizing their research can be daunting.  Articles stored on one computer may not be accessible elsewhere.  Links saved by email can get lost in the daily flood of other emails, and creating citations manually from articles is time-consuming and prone to errors .  Citation creation tools like KnightCite or the Citation Machine still require manual entry and do not interact with library databases.

Refworks can solve a lot of the problems with collecting, storing, organizing and creating bibliographies from research articles.

First, it interacts with most of our databases, including FindIt, Ebsco and Proquest databases, and Google Scholar.  This means if you find an article you like and want to access it later, choosing “export” or “save” from the tool bar within the article imports the citation directly into Refworks.


No need to manually type citation information.

Second, Refworks lives online.  When you access it, even from off-campus, your citations are all still there, including a link back to the article.  The new edition of Refworks also allows you to create citations directly from saved PDFs, so if you downloaded the article but not the citation, you can still create a citation from it and store it online in Refworks.

Next, Refworks helps you organize your citations into folders through a simple drag and drop.


Then, when you are ready to create your bibliography, click the Create Bibliography button.


The bibliography can be generated in almost any citation style, including APA 6th edition, MLA 8th edition, Chicago 16th edition, and more.   While this machine-generated bibliography may be more accurate than some other services, you MUST still check for errors, especially with capitalization and punctuation.  Verify the accuracy of this and all other citation generators with official style guides, available at the Reference desk of the Library, or with the Online Writing Lab at Purdue (OWL).

You can do more with Refworks tools, such as the “Save to Refworks” browser extension that allows you to save ordinary websites as citations within your account, including details such as author, title, abstract, publication date, and more, depending on the quality of the website:


Ready to get started?  Create a new Refworks account by finding the link on our homepage under “Research.”  First-time Refworks users should click the “New” version.  Accounts created in Refworks are completely independent of the campus username and password system, even though it requires an ATU email address.  Click “Create Account” to get started:


If you already have a Refworks account in the newer platform, simply sign-in.  If you have an account in the “Old” or Legacy Refworks edition, you can continue to use it, but be advised that this service will be discontinued in the last part of next year.  To migrate your existing citations now to the new platform, follow the instructions in the research guide for Refworks [New Platform].

Don’t forget—plagiarism is a serious offense with long-term consequences for your academic progress.  If you fail to cite the sources of ideas not your own, you may be found guilty of academic dishonesty.  Learn more about how to keep yourself safe in our research guide for avoiding plagiarism.

For more assistance with Refworks, citations, and all other library services, email your ‘inciteful’ librarians at  Faculty can also schedule classroom instruction on this service with one of our librarians or share their Refwork collections with others.

Thanksgiving Hours

The Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center will be closing early Tuesday, November 22nd, at 9:00 PM and Wednesday, November 23rd at 5:00 PM (or whenever the University closes).  It will not reopen until Monday, November 28th, at 7:00 AM.  See our website for regular hours and upcoming finals schedule.

Despite the holiday closing, you can be especially thankful that many of our services and resources are available online, at any time, whether the campus is closed or open.  Below, we have listed just a few of the resources you can access from wherever your holidays take you:

two handsome plymouth rocks (chickens)

  • Statista – Be prepared for any family gathering with this handy resource for quick facts, statistics, and eye-catching infographics.  This specialized database, available on our A-to-Z database page, contains business, marketing, and population statistics from around the world.  Each chart or graph can be directly exported into Powerpoint, PDF, or Excel for an extra visual boost to your reports and presentations.  Data sources include Nielsen, Euromonitor, Experian Simmons, GfK, Ipsos Affluent Survey, Gallup, US government agencies, private companies, non-profits, and many more.statistic_id208104_average-cost-of-a-thanksgiving-dinner-in-the-us-1990-2016
  • PBS Video Collection—Veg out in your tryptophan stupor by selecting a film from this collection of award-winning documentaries and series.  Watch full-length content from any device on subjects such history, current events, psychology, art, music, and more.  Browse by topic or field of interest, or search for series or videos directly.
  • Research Guides—Get to the meat of library resources using our collection of subject and resource guides.  Find resources of all types in most of the major’s offered at ATU.  Each guide includes tutorials, top databases and resources, as well as citation help to get you through each stage of a research project.  Browse new books in the library our Popular Reading guide:


Need face-to-face help?  Catch us before we close by stopping by at our Reference Desk, calling us toll-free at (855) 761-0006, or sending us a text at (479) 802-4876.  We are also available via email at for all your pre and post-Thanksgiving research needs.  Safe travels and enjoy the break!

Taking Reservations

Need a room for a small group meeting?  Need a quiet space to study without distractions? The Library has made it easier than ever to grab a study room using our online reservation system, Book It. 

You can reserve a room online at any time from anywhere.  To access the system, go to our library home page and look under Services for the Book It! link.


From there, click on a time slot or a particular day.  Green boxes indicate that the time is available; red slots indicate reserved times.  (Blue slots are times in the past or periods in which the library is closed).

After clicking a time, confirm your selection.  You will be asked to use your ATU login and password to complete the registration.  Finally, pick a name for your reservation, and you are done.  A confirmation email will be sent to your Tech email along with a calendar reminder and a link for cancellation.

Rooms can be reserved in one hour blocks, up to two hours per day, per person.  You can reserve a room up to two weeks in advance.

Available study rooms include 223, 225-230 on the second floor and rooms 127-128 on the first floor.  For information about the capacity and furniture within each room, hover over the question mark icon on the schedule for descriptions.


In addition to study rooms, you can use our online Book It system to reserve times for the new Audio Lab.  To do this, select “Book the Audio Lab” from the drop-down menu.

Audio Lab booking

The Audio Lab can be reserved in two hour slots, with one reservation per day, per person.  Keep in mind, students and staff can only use the Audio Lab for sound recording and/or mixing projects—it is not a study space.

If you have questions, problems, or reservations about the new reservation system, ask your always available librarians at   We’ll be happy to help.