Video: Improving Student Success Open Forum

Strategic Planning Open Forum:
“Improving Student Success”
Monday, October 12
Doc Bryan Lecture Hall
PowerPoint Presentation


  1. Hap Adkins says

    As a student who prefers to take classes virtually, I would like to see our photos attached (if students decide to) to Blackboard discussions, blogs and group work input. This way we could feel more connected as we take classes together. As the majority of people are visual learners, I believe it would help virtual students feel more of a sense of belonging to ATU and to their classmates.

    Thank you!

    • Mayra Dieb says

      I agree with you 100%. Pictures of our classmates, blackboard discussions and blogs. All of that will be of great help to make us feel that much needed sense of belonging, and also will let us establish student groups, and have the chance to meet our classmates and study with them. I had discussion boards in other classes, is not happening this semester, I don’t know if this happening with all online classes, but will like to go back to at least having the chance to e-mail my classmates.

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