Video: Student Open Forum

Strategic Planning Open Forum:
“Student Open Forum”
Monday, November 2, 2015
Doc Bryan Lecture Hall

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  1. To keep students in town on the weekends and on campus, there needs to be some sort of club or activities on campus. The biggest reason people leave on the weekend is because Russellville doesnt have any real entertainment to keep people here. It would be nice if ATU could either work with the city to help create more entertainment type businesses, or create one on campus, or start some sort of weekend activities and clubs on campus. Something else that might be neat to have is a small building or an office where people could go to learn about activities, clubs, festivals, special events, road trips, and volunteer opportunities all in the same place, thats easy to find. I would love to see more parking as well by corley, the energy building, and rothwell.

    I would also like to see more courses for creating/developing a non profit, African American history (before slavery), more guest speakers at ATU like when we had Earnest Green. That was a highlight for me.

    I would like to see a community center like Springdale has, an a big sports complex building with ice skating rink, basketball courts, tennis courts, a track to run on, and soccer area. Its all indoors and free to the public there.

    It would be great if behavioral science majors could go on trips out of town or out of state for course related studies, these trips could be for individual courses.

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