Participation in the Strategic Planning Process

To the ATU Community from AJ Anglin, Interim VPAA and EPC Chair

The Arkansas Tech University community has been engaged in a strategic planning process that has involved faculty, staff, administrators, and students from the Ozark and Russellville campuses as well as government officials and community members. Through a Strategic Planning Committee(SPC) and an Executive Planning Committee(EPC), a strategic plan has been drafted. The SPC used five working groups to probe specific areas of the university through interviews and a series of public forums. Each group developed a white paper, based upon their findings, which was posted on the campus website. In December the SPC approved the initial draft of the strategic plan and forwarded it to the EPC for review and analysis. In late February the EPC approved an amended plan. The minutes of the actions of the EPC and the draft that has been forwarded to the President are now posted on the campus website.

President Bowen will be hosting three campus forums in mid-March and early April in order to hear further from all stakeholders before making any possible amendments and passing it on to the Board of Trustees for final action. The forums are scheduled as follows:

• Monday, March 14 from 2:00P-3:30P, Russellville Campus, Doc Bryan Lecture Hall
• Tuesday, March 15 from 9:00A-10:30A, Russellville Campus, Doc Bryan Lecture Hall
• Friday, April 1 from 9:00A-10:30A, Ozark Campus, Student Services Conference Center

Since the University has invested substantial time and thought in developing a strategic plan, I strongly encourage you to review the plan and attend one or more of the forums. Please feel free to send any comments regarding the strategic plan to the dedicated email on the website (

Thank you for your interest and participation in this important process.


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