Responses to Feedback

When feasible, I will respond to questions received through the VPAA Feedback website.  Many of the comments I receive will require further discussion or investigation with relevant offices on campus.  As such, not every comment received will be posted and responded to, but I will try to respond to those comments and concerns that can be easily addressed.

Feedback Received:

“I would like to see faculty have control over their individual faculty webpages. There is no way to highlight their accomplishments and scholarship. If we are to increase the scholarship demands of faculty there should be a way to showcase their efforts to the public.”

Response from University Relations:

The faculty listings on departmental webpages are auto-populated with information from Banner.  There is web space provided for faculty to create and maintain professional websites with more in depth information.  These websites include a disclaimer stating the University is not responsible for the content found within. Here is an example:  An ad hoc committee compiled guidelines for these pages in 2014, which can be found here:  Michael Stoker will attend the Faculty Senate meeting on October 11, 2016 to discuss the webpage options and answer questions.

Feedback Received:

“Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education”

Response from VPAA:

The Arkansas Department of Education changed the licensure requirements from a single licensure in physical science and earth science education to two separate licensures in chemistry education and physics education.  In response, Arkansas Tech University took a letter of notification in fall, 2015, to our Board of Trustees and to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education in which we split the physical science education licensure into two licensures:  Chemistry and  Physics.  Therefore, even though this looks like a “new” degree, this was really a reorganization of an existing licensure into two licensures in order to meet ADE requirements.