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The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University works towards advancing sexual health and knowledge worldwide. For over 60 years, the institute has been a trusted source for investigating and informing the world about critical issues in sex, gender and reproduction.  The Kinsey Institute was founded in 1947 by pioneering sex researcher Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey.  The Kinsey Institute website features videos and podcasts of lectures in the field of sexual research, publications, and a wealth of ongoing research, bibliographies, data sets, full-text publications, and interview kits from Kinsey’s original studies.

Kinsey’s research, gathered from countless interviews of the sexual practices of Americans, introduced a new way of thinking and talking about sexuality into the public consciousness during the 1940’s-1960’s.   He is best known for the landmark studies,  Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female which are both available available at the Arkansas Tech Library (ask at the Reference desk to view these original first editions!!!).  In 2004, a major motion picture called Kinsey, starring Liam Neeson, was made about his life and research–a DVD copy is also available in the Music Lab for checkout.  For more information about Alfred Kinsey, see our catalog or ask a librarian.