An Historical Look at Pride Month:

New York Times photo by Michael Evans (29 June 1970).

Today Pride Month is a month-long celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+) people. There are many activities across the country and the globe that bring awareness of the LGBTQ+ triumphs and struggles.  The first Gay Pride  gathering took place on June 28, 1970, with a march led by Gay activist groups in New York City in honor of the Stonewall Uprising of the previous June in Manhattan.  The uprising at Stonewall Inn occurred when the police raided the well-known Gay bar and encountered resistence.  These riots went on for six consecutive nights.  These marches or parades continued to be an annual event until it finally evolved into a month-long celebration. 

Check out our display case for books regarding current issues within the LGBTQ+ community.  There’s also a display of fiction and memoir on the table near the elevators.  For more New York Times articles use the A-Z Databases on the homepage to access the New York Times with Index database.  There you will find primary sources about many more historic moments in Pride history.  

Finals at the Library

It’s that time of the semester again.  Finals!  The library will be open overnight Wednesday & Thursday, April 27 & 28, 2022 for finals. It will be open from 7AM on Reading Day all the way through 9PM on Friday, April 29. Coffee will be served at midnight. Check out our new official “break room”.  RPL 300A will be a student space to relax, de-stress, and re-charge.

The Break Room will be open for students to chill out between 11PM & 7AM. The coffee will be served in there along with some light snacks. There will be games, puzzles, and coloring available while back-to-back episodes of “The Office” play on the big screen. 

Don’t forget to book your study room now if you are planning on using one.  They fill up fast during finals. You can reserve your own study room at

Take care of yourself through these stressful times.  Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and pace yourself.  You can do it.  

2nd Monday Author Series Returns

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7th International Film Festival

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Gifts from Japan

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Unjudge Someone: Human Library Coming to RPL

people on a book shelf like books

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Echoes of the River Valley

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Starting Out Normal?

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The Time of Your Life

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Like Us? Love Us? Want Us to Do Better? Tell us!

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