Avast ye mateys!

September 19th is National Talk Like A Pirate Day, and to celebrate, we’re highlighting our new language learning tool Mango Languages to help you brush up on your Pirate speech.

Mango features five chapters on Pirate, including cultural notes, Pirate grammar, and conversational Pirate–as spoken (presumably) by real pirates.


First time users to Mango Languages will have to create a login username and password to use the system, as well as to save progress through the courses.  After that, it’s smooth sailing.


Mango Languages offer 60 other language course in addition to Pirate such as Spanish, French, Latin, Chinese, and Arabic.  So once you become fluent in Pirate, you can try your hand at other languages.

If you want additional practice in conversational Pirate, see our selection of Pirate movies available on DVD from the Music Lab on the second floor:

For more Pirate-culture materials, check with the land-lubber librarians over at the Reference desk or send a message via parrot or email to askalibrarian@atu.edu.