Swim the Stream

Fans of the library already know we have a fantastic DVD collection, but lately, we’ve been dipping our toes into the world of streaming video.  From now until April 23, we’re hosting a trial of Kanopy Streaming Video, one of the largest educational video streaming services in the world–considered the “Netflix” of the educational video world.

Our current trial consists of 366 educational films and lectures in business and the social sciences that you can watch for free from your laptop, mobile device, or iPad.  The videos are organized into four distinct collections:

1. Documentary Education Resources: New Releases 2013

This collection includes 34 full-length documentary videos exploring cultures and social science topics from the United States and all over the world.

2. Psychotherapy.net Counseling & Therapy Online

Since 1995, Psychotherapy.net has been producing videos in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, and addiction.  Videos in this series include interviews from renowned counselors and psychologists discussing their practice, theories, and experiences.

3. Media Education Foundation (MEF) Collection

These documentary films encourage critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. Faculty and students in journalism, sociology, race studies, psychology, and many other disciplines will find something worth watching and thinking about in this collection of 138 videos.

4. Standford Executive Briefings Collection

For twenty years, Stanford University has hosted a monthly business forum featuring prominent CEOs, professors, and authors who shared their expertise and research in finance, leadership, public speaking, and organization strategy.  Think of it as a collection of TED talks just for business.

The Kanopy service can be used at home or broadcast in a lecture hall or classroom for teaching purposes.  Individual videos can also be embedded into Blackboard using the “Embed in LMS” button at the top of each video.  There’s also a tool that allows you create a playlist of portions of each video, in case you just want to show a clip or several clips of videos.

Kanopy will only be available until April 23, but if you want to see this service stick around longer, give us a shout at askalibrarian@atu.edu.  In addition to these videos, the Kanopy service contains thousands of other videos in art, health, science, and teacher education—some of which we would normally purchase on DVD.  Feel free to browse their collection and recommend a title (or two or five).  Remember, it is your money, your collection, and your education–how do you want to learn?