Quiet, Please!

It’s hard enough to prepare for upcoming tests, group projects, and paper deadlines when the group seated next to you is being noisy in the library, the sacred space for quiet and effective study. Spring midterms are fast approaching at Tech, and this means more students will be visiting the library. Like in finals week, this is one of the busiest weeks of the semester. More students inevitably leads to a higher-than-average buzz of activity and, namely, noise.

Bad study group

Don’t be like these guys

Try as we might, the librarians and staff can’t be everywhere at once (much as we’d like to shush to our hearts’ content in our continual quest to end needless noise). Luckily, we have a resource for students who want their peers at the next computer to lower their voices, for the gentleman with his headphones too loud, or the girls having a social break instead of studying Sociology—all without having to leave their desk and risk being caught tattling to a library worker.

Students can text (479) 802-4876 to report loud or obnoxious patrons. This anonymous tip line sends the message to a working librarian or staff member, who can handle the noise complaint so students can focus on their own work without having to shush their neighbors.  As long as the library is open, our shush line is open. Standard text message rates will apply.

And sure—we understand that group projects and study partners need a place to work, too.  That’s why the 1st floor is designated a “low-noise” floor.  However, the 2nd floor is our quiet study area–whisper only, please.  If you need to get a little louder, consider reserving a study room, where groups can meet and talk at normal volume.

Give our new texting service a try.  Your texts will help us enforce our existing noise policy when we cannot be in all places at once.

Remember–sometimes shhh happens.  But through our new texting service, you have the power to make shhh happen when you need it the most.