Keep Calm and Pokémon

There’s no need to stand in the heat to catch your Bulbasaurs.  Come to the Ross Pendergraft Library, now a PokeStop in the popular creature-grabbing, location-based app.

screenshot of Pokestop

In case you haven’t downloaded the app yet (or are vigorously rolling your eyes right now), there are PokeStops all over campus, including gyms at Bastech, Doc Bryan, and Tech Baseball Field.  You can view the full map, as of 7/18/16, here:

campus map of pokestops
Stop by the library, catch ‘em all, and while you you’re at it, catch some other things like DVDs, books, and research articles.  The library is open all summer long to satisfy your academic and casual knowledge cravings.

Think you can design a game better than Pokémon Go?  Learn how with our new books to support the Bachelor of Arts in Game and Interactive Media Design.

briefhistoryA brief history of video games



Game art : art from 40 video games and interviews with their creators


stateofplayThe state of play : creators and critics on video game culture


introIntroduction to game design, prototyping, and development : from concept to playable game-with Unity® and C#


embedwithEmbed with games : a year on the couch with game developers / Cara Ellison.


levelupLevel Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design


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