Desserts and Databases

This Friday, November 1st, from 3:00-3:30 in RCB 147, join us for a quick demonstration of the library’s latest database for statistics and data visualization: Sage State and Local Stats.  Cookies will be provided.

SAGE State and Local Stats is a data download and visualization tool hosting social science data about U.S. States, counties, cities, and metropolitan statistical areas from more than 600 data series, including governmental and non-governmental sources.  It spans topics like employment, crime, religion, and education.

Screnshot of open page of Sage Stats with graph of internet access and poverty

This tool is best for any research paper or classroom when you need to examine statistics across time, location, and across other data sets.

To begin using Sage Stats, search by keyword at the top or browse by topic, location, or zip code.   Let’s say you are interested in the percent of population with a Bachelor’s Degree or more by state:

Map from Sage Stats showing the U.S. States and percentages of people with Bachelor's Degrees.

You can switch between Map, Table, or Chart view:

A line chart comparing the percentage of people with degrees in Arkansas compared to national average, over the last 15 years.

You can then add more data to your charts, compare data with other states or other data series with a scatter plot.  In this example, we have compared the above data with Average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of each sample:

A scatter chart comparing percent of population with Bachelor's Degree or More and adjusted gross income of the state.

At any point, you can export your data as an image, an excel or CSV file, or as a Data Guide Powerpoint slide or PDF:

Screenshot showing how to export data from the chart as an image, as a data file, as a data guide, or to save the series to the export center to export more than one year at a time.

Users can also cite the source of data in APA, MLA, Bluebook, or Chicago, and export this into a citation manager:

Screenshot showing citation window, where one could cite data chart in APA or MLA or other citation styles

All of the data in SAGE stats is available for download so you can manipulate it however you want. With over 606 data-series in a variety of categories, there’s enough to satisfy any data analysis appetite. 

For more questions about SAGE Stats or to find out if oatmeal cookies should really be considered a cookie, ask us at  Otherwise, join us for cookies and databases this Friday!