Read or Be Read

The Ross Pendergraft Library is now accepting volunteers to be a book for the 2016 Human Library on November 1st & 2nd.  Volunteers will be a living, breathing ‘book’, telling their personal stories about facing prejudice, discrimination, disability, and other hardships beyond their control to interested readers in a one-on-one setting.  The Human Library is an international movement that allows readers to ‘check-out’ a human book for a 30 minute conversation.  The readers listen to the personal stories and have time to ask questions.

The program is designed to promote understanding and compassion within a diverse community and to help break down barriers to communication.  As a book, you will have an opportunity to tell someone about the ways in which you have been stereotyped or misunderstood based on your race, sexual orientation, religion, profession, country of origin, gender, veteran status, or more.  Some of the books we have signed up so far include Environmental Activist, Homeschool Mom, and Drug Addict.

The goal is to have meaningful conversations about difficult subjects in a safe, one-on-one setting.  If you are interested in signing up to be a book, use our volunteer form:

For more questions about the program, contact Sherry Tinerella at or call 479-964-0571.    More information, including program details and instructions for coordinating classroom visits, will be available as the event date draws near.

Back to School Basics

As you can imagine, the Library one of the major stops for new students and newly returning students trying to get ready for the new year.  We get asked a lot questions during this time, and–as librarians–finding answers is well…kind of our ‘thing’.  So we have assembled some of our top FAQ’s for starting the new semester:

How Do I Print My Schedule?

Believe it or not, the OneTech interface is not always the most intuitive for printing, but here’s your lifehack of the day:

  1. Login to OneTech
  2. Click on the STUDENT tab
  3. Scroll down.
  4. Find the green box labeled REGISTRATION TOOLS and click “Student Detail Schedulestudentdetail
  5. Select your term (e.g. Fall 2016)
  6. Highlight the contents on the screen or press Ctrl + A.
  7. Right-click the mouse and select Print.

How Do I . . . Print?

When you get ready to print a document, you may have more than one choice of printer.  The Universal Print Queue is the name for the printer you want.

Screenshot of printer choice.

After you submit a print job, go to any of the printers in the library and login to the print station either by typing in your Tech username and password or swiping your Tech ID.  These are special computers sitting beside the printers used only for releasing print jobs.

Photograph of our print stations, located directly across from the Reference Desk.

Once you are logged in, click on the job you want to print.  This ‘releases’ the print job, and the printer next to the computer will print your papers.

The print station will also tell the cost of the print job and your available balance on your Tech ID.  Every student begins each semester with $20 on their account for printing/copying purposes only. Once you run out, you can add more to the card using the PHIL station on the south end of the Circulation Desk.  Each printed page costs $0.10, and color copies cost $0.30.

There are black-and-white print release stations located on each floor.  To print a color copy jobs, you have to go to the special color print release stations, located on the first and third floors of the Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center.

Where is [Building XYZ]?

The library is standing by with stacks of paper maps of the campus, along with helpful, knowledgeable people who can help point you in the right direction.   The Campus Map is located on the University’s homepage.


If you have a smartphone with GoogleMaps installed, you will be able to view the buildings and their names after you zoom-in far enough.

Screenshot of GoogleMaps featuring RPL on an Android phone

How Late is the Library Open?

We begin regular hours on Wednesday, August 24th, when the library will be open from 7:00 A.M. until 1:00 A.M. from Mondays through Thursdays.  On Fridays, we close at 6:00 P.M.  On Saturdays, we’re open from 10:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M., and on Sundays, we are open from 2:00 P.M. until 1:00 A.M.  For our full schedule, including holiday and interim break hours, see our website:

How Do I Search for Articles, Books, DVDs, and More?

Find It is our Google-esque library search designed to connect you to everything the library has to offer, from academic resources like peer-reviewed journal articles to the latest season of Dr. Who.  Start with any basic search, and limit results to items with a certain format, location, publication year, or full-text online.

find it Have more questions?  Email them to your friendly neighborhood librarians at  Also, check out our growing repository of commonly asked Reference questions at our Ask A Librarian page.  Welcome back and good luck!

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‘Freedom Riders’ Screening


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Library Survey

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