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African American Experience


In celebration of Black History month, we are proud to feature the online database, African American Experience.  This resource is a great starting place for information about African American history and culture.  Search within articles, speeches, cultural documents, quotes, as well as government and court documents.   Find video, audio, and images, such as this poster to the right, by filtering search results.  Additional features include the “Eras” link used to browse topics organized by a historical timeline.  The “Analyze” section presents perspectives and other curriculum pieces to help students form theses and generate discussion on controversial, challenging topics.  Citation tools are included so that every article, video, or primary source document can be easily cited in MLA, APA, or Chicago.  Look for this database from our homepage under Tech Databases.

February 1, 1790

“At the Supreme Judicial Court of the United States, begun and held at New York (being the Seat of the National Government), on the first Monday of February, and on the first day of said month Anno Domini 1790.”

These are the very first words recorded in the Supreme Court minutes on February 1, 1790. You can read more of the 1789-1806 minutes in JSTOR at Other minutes are available in the American Journal of Legal History in JSTOR at Learn about the Supreme Court in CREDO reference at