Be More With PBS Video


The Ross Pendergraft Library is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of the PBS Video Collection.

Stream quality documentary films and programs produced by the leading educational video producer in the country.  The collection includes over 400 documentary films and programs, and each one can be streamed over any device with an internet connection.  Save yourself the trip to the library (or the store), and watch any of these videos on demand.

Included in the collection are some of the rich documentaries produced by Ken Burns, long-established programs like Nova and Frontline, and other educational films from a variety of disciplines.  Most of the available programs were produced in the last ten years, giving you more up-to-date content to use in classroom instruction.

Every film comes with a full transcript which is searchable across the database.  You can also send videos to a tablet or phone, share them via email, or embed them in a web platform like Blackboard.  If you want to create clips of videos or a playlist of clips, there are easy-to-use tools within each video for just that purpose.



Do you have questions about this collection?  Want to know how to clip videos, create playlists, or embed videos into Blackboard?  Email us at  For videos not in the PBS collection, try searching among the thousands of videos located in the Music Lab collection on the Library’s second floor.