On Trial

If you love and need primary sources in your academic life, the Ross Pendergraft Library is currently sampling two new databases on 18th and 19th century digital works for a limited time.

18th Century Collection Online

Search over 180,000 books published during the century in which the United States and France waged wars for independence while wearing leggings.  Find full-text, primary sources on science, literature, religion, law, fine arts, history, and more.  Because the database contains digital reproductions, you will find more than mere full-text.  Browse illustrated works on anatomy, botany, agriculture, and physics.  Read Gulliver’s Travels, Wealth of Nations, the Federalist Papers, and more classics in their original typeface and funky fonts.

*That* Isaac Newton

Newton, Isaac, Sir. Opticks: or, a treatise of the reflexions, refractions, inflexions and colours of light. Also two treatises of the species and magnitude of curvilinear figures. London, MDCCIV. [1704] p.158.

19th Century U.S. Newspapers

For resources more focused on the events of the nineteenth century, including the Civil War, explore the 19th Century U.S. Newspaper database.  Like the resource above, this collection features full-text, digital reproductions of content, including advertisements, illustrations, and classified ads.  However, the database consists entirely of United States newspapers from the 1800’s–a rich resource for primary sources on significant events which shaped our country such as the Trail of Tears, the abolition movement, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, European immigration, the gold rush, and the settlement of the American West.

You will also find full-text articles and newspaper issues of the Arkansas Gazette, the Little Rock Republican, and other Arkansas newspapers, featuring a wealth of information about the people, culture, life, and history of early Arkansas.


These databases can both be found on the library’s website–>Research–>Tech Databases page (check the # section).  To search these databases simultaneously, select the Artemis Primary Sources Database.

Like what you see?  Let us know at askalibrarian@atu.edu.  Your input helps us build our collection based on your academic needs and interests.  But hurry–the trial for these two resources ends on October 23.

On Trial

The Library is currently sampling a buffet of new databases.  Feast on the following collections:

  • RILM Abstracts of Music Literature: This comprehensive music bibliography covers many subjects such as ethnomusicology, composition, dramatic arts, music librarianship, music pedagogy, music therapy, performance practice and popular music studies.  Content spans from 1967 to the present, and includes over 800,000 records in 171 different languages.  This trial ends June 30th.
  • SPIE Digital Library: This database contains the world’s largest collection of optics and photonics research with over 400,000 papers from conference proceedings, peer-reviewed journals and eBooks, with content spanning 1962 to present.  Includes full-text, images, multimedia, abstracts, and more.  Browse the topic collections to quickly catch up on the latest research in fields ranging from Astronomy to Sensors.  Explore this resource soon before the trial expires on May 12th.


Like what you see?  Have other databases you want us to trial?  Let us know at askalibrarian@atu.edu.

On Trial

The deadline for our latest collection trial databases is closing in fast.  Take advantage of these free collections while they last:


Thousands of full-text, academic e-books are at your disposal from now until Wednesday, November 26th.  Browse titles in Business, Anthropology, Science, and more.  For more information about what’s offered, see their libguide, which covers search strategies, video tutorials, and more information about their titles.

PBS Video Collection

Be more with this collection of streaming videos from PBS provided through Alexander Street Press.  Browse your favorite episodes of Nova, or watch one of the award-winning documentaries from Ken Burnes, all from the comfort of your laptop.  Hundreds of documentary films are available through this collection, and each includes scrolling transcripts and the ability to make clips and playlists.  But hurry–this trial ends December 6th.

Birds of North America Online

Ornithologists rejoice!  You have access to the comprehensive life histories of over 700 species of birds breeding in the U.S. and Canada.  Search for birds by keyword or species to get a treasure of information including photos, illustrations, migratory patterns, distribution, and other basic information.  The database also includes video and audio recordings of birds, as well as data tables.  This database is the enhanced, online version of the paper version now roosting in the Reference collection.  You have until 12/15/14 to enjoy.

So let us know what you think through askalibrarian@atu.edu.  Your comments, criticisms, witticisms, praise, or blame help make the Library a better place for you, other students, and for the whole campus.  Email your friendly neighborhood librarian today!



On Trial

The Library is hosting several new databases and collections for a limited time only.  Should we purchase one database over the other?  You decide!!!  Test drive these collections and databases today:

Ivory-billed Woodpecker by J.J. Audubon. From Birds of North America Online.

Birds of North America Online: Ornithologists rejoice!  You have access to the comprehensive life histories of over 700 species of birds breeding in the U.S. and Canada.  Search for birds by keyword or species to get a treasure of information including photos, illustrations, migratory patterns, distribution, and other basic information.  The database also includes video and audio recordings of birds, as well as data tables.  The collection is the enhanced, online version of the paper version now roosting in the Reference collection.  You have until 12/15/14 to enjoy.

From Digitalis Film Library

Digitalia Film Library Collection: This streaming film collection includes classic films in English, Spanish, and other languages from around the world.  Enjoy Betty Boop, Carey Grant, and the Wild Women of Wongo (coming soon) from the comfort of your internet connection.  You must log in with the user name: amigos@digitalia.us and password: amigos for full access.  This trial ends on 10/31/14

Digitalia Hispanic Academic Collection: Lees español?  If you want more academic sources in Spanish, try this collection of Spanish language ebooks and ejournals.  These are resources whose original language is Spanish; they not translated English materials.  Here you will find reputable academic full-text resources which may not be currently available in the Library.  As with the resource above, you will have to log in with user name amigos@digitalia.us and password: amigos for full access.  This trial ends on 10/31/14.

PsychTHERAPY: Produced by the American Psychological Association, this resource is comprised of more than 300 videos featuring therapy demonstrations of clinicians working with individuals, couples, and families.  Useful for students, faculty, and practitioners interested in watching therapy sessions.  Browse or search by therapist name, topic, or therapeutic approach. Each video includes a searchable transcript which will auto-scroll as you watch the video.  Users can easily share existing or create their own clips from each video and save them into a playlist.  This trial ends on 10/31/14.

So let us know what you think through askalibrarian@atu.edu.  Your comments, criticisms, witticisms, praise, or blame help make the Library a better place for you, other students, and for the whole campus.  Email your friendly neighborhood librarian today!

Going, going, gone

You only have two more days to test the new BP Global Energy Data Visualization Tool.  The Library is currently conducting a trial of this product which maps major energy developments from the last 27 years.  The trial ends on Wednesday.


Explore oil, natural gas, coal, and alternative energy production by country or region.  Chart how production, capacity, or consumption has changed over time with a sliding timeline bar.  An interactive globe will take you around the world with a swipe of a mouse.  The tool includes a separate chronology section to explore major energy developments over time with pictures and a commodities filter to narrow or broaden your results display.

The page also include links to the Statistical Review of World Energy for 2014.  From there, view PDFs and Powerpoint slides on the major facts and figures for energy production in the last year.

Take it for a test drive and let us know what you think at askalibrarian@atu.edu.


Statista Trial

Looking for industry reports, company data, and market forecasts?  The Library is currently hosting a trial of Statista–a statistical database containing more than 1,000,000 statistics on more than 80,000 topics, from over 18,000 sources.

This database includes industry reports, as well as current company information, arranged largely in simple, easy-to-understand charts and graphs.  To use Statista, begin with a keyword search.  Results can include topic pages, industry reports, and “dossier” reports consisting of brief Power Point presentations summarizing the key facts of your topic.  Statista also provides you with an encyclopedia of statistical terms and a collection of infographics for quick, visually appealing snapshots of complex data.

Give it a try today and let us know what you think at askalibrarian@atu.edu.  We rely on your feedback to help determine what to add to the library’s buffet of databases, so please drop us a line to let us know if you love it/hate it/feel “meh” about it.  This trial ends on October 3rd, so take it for a test-drive soon.   For this and other Library trials, see our Trial Database Page.

Infographic: Engineering is America’s Highest-Earning Major | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Streaming Psychotherapy

From now until October 15th, the Library is offering a trial of Psychotherapy.net.  The site features streaming training videos in the fields of counseling, psychotherapy, and addiction.   Videos come in diverse formats geared for a variety of teaching needs, including single-session demonstrations, multiple-session demonstrations, clinical case consultations, interview and documentary style films.  Psychotherapy.net includes videos on individual therapy, group therapy, couples and family therapy, child therapy, art therapy, psychodrama and therapeutic communities.  More details include:

  • Custom-developed, state-of-the-art streaming platform includes: captions, searchable transcripts, and clip-making and clip-sharing ability.
  • Links to videos can be embedded in Blackboard.
  • Video quality is automatically adjusted depending upon the strength of the user’s Internet connection.
  • Downloadable Instructor’s manuals (with suggestions for role-plays, reaction papers, discussion questions and additional resources).

Check it out and give us your feedback and favorite videos at askalibrarian@atu.edu


Swim the Stream

Fans of the library already know we have a fantastic DVD collection, but lately, we’ve been dipping our toes into the world of streaming video.  From now until April 23, we’re hosting a trial of Kanopy Streaming Video, one of the largest educational video streaming services in the world–considered the “Netflix” of the educational video world.

Our current trial consists of 366 educational films and lectures in business and the social sciences that you can watch for free from your laptop, mobile device, or iPad.  The videos are organized into four distinct collections:

1. Documentary Education Resources: New Releases 2013

This collection includes 34 full-length documentary videos exploring cultures and social science topics from the United States and all over the world.

2. Psychotherapy.net Counseling & Therapy Online

Since 1995, Psychotherapy.net has been producing videos in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, and addiction.  Videos in this series include interviews from renowned counselors and psychologists discussing their practice, theories, and experiences.

3. Media Education Foundation (MEF) Collection

These documentary films encourage critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. Faculty and students in journalism, sociology, race studies, psychology, and many other disciplines will find something worth watching and thinking about in this collection of 138 videos.

4. Standford Executive Briefings Collection

For twenty years, Stanford University has hosted a monthly business forum featuring prominent CEOs, professors, and authors who shared their expertise and research in finance, leadership, public speaking, and organization strategy.  Think of it as a collection of TED talks just for business.

The Kanopy service can be used at home or broadcast in a lecture hall or classroom for teaching purposes.  Individual videos can also be embedded into Blackboard using the “Embed in LMS” button at the top of each video.  There’s also a tool that allows you create a playlist of portions of each video, in case you just want to show a clip or several clips of videos.

Kanopy will only be available until April 23, but if you want to see this service stick around longer, give us a shout at askalibrarian@atu.edu.  In addition to these videos, the Kanopy service contains thousands of other videos in art, health, science, and teacher education—some of which we would normally purchase on DVD.  Feel free to browse their collection and recommend a title (or two or five).  Remember, it is your money, your collection, and your education–how do you want to learn?


New Trials

For a limited time only, test drive some of our new trial databases and collections in business, humanities, social sciences, and statistics.  The Library has four trials this spring of new products, including ebook collections, online encyclopedias, and a new GIS database.

International Historical Statistics

While 93% of all statistics reported in this article are false, you can be accurate in your research papers and persuasive essays using this ebook of historical statistics.  Access 260 years of international economic and social indicators from the comfort of your own office/dorm room/Starbucks table.  Chapters are organized by region, and include tables for population, agriculture, education, prices, labor, communications, and more.  The ebook includes a user guide, as well as an easy-to-use search tab to find specific data within this comprehensive work.  Trial ends 4/30/14.

Palgrave Connect (ebooks)

Explore this collection of over 12,500 ebooks in the humanities, social sciences, and business.  Search for specific titles or browse by subject, most-accessed titles, or the 2014 collection highlights.  Users have the option of viewing books within a web-browser, sending them to a Kindle, or downloading books to their computer or mobile device.  This trial ends on 4/30/14.

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management

This online encyclopedia includes over 700 entries written by leading academics and practitioners in the field of marketing, with new entries added once a month until 2015.  Users can browse a list of all entries or search for specific words, concepts, and people.  Trial ends on 4/30/14.


PolicyMap database is a new Geographic Information System of maps, tables, and reports.  Find demographic data, health data, mortgage trends, school performance, crime statistics, and more using a simple, map-based interface.  Switch from a map-based view to tables, reports, and more by navigating through easy-to-use tabs.  Upload your own data and see it mapped out along with other indicators already in PolicyMap.  If you have an interest in market studies, business planning, site selection, or other research using maps and statistical data, give this system a whirl.  Trial ends 5/24/14.

Hate them?  Love them?  Confused about your feelings for these resources?  We want to know about it: askalibrarian@atu.edu.  Your feedback impacts our purchasing decisions, so if you want to use any of these next semester and beyond, let us know.

On Trial

The Library is currently trialing a new general reference database called ProQuest Research Library.  A great place to start your research, you’ll find scholarly articles about topics such as business, art, science & technology, literature & language, history, and health & medicine.  Access this database trial, and others like it, on our database trials page:


The ProQuest Research Library includes over 4,000 scholarly journals, trade publications, and magazines dating from 1971 to the present.   Most results will include full-text access, and like our other databases, you can limit to peer-reviewed, scholarly articles.  The ProQuest Research Library also provides a suggested list of subject terms in case you are not quite sure how to search for your topic.   If you are having trouble getting started on your research, start with this.

If you decide to take it for a spin, let us know how you liked it (or didn’t like it) by emailing our E-Resources Librarian, Carol Hanan.  But hurry–the trial only lasts until June 30th.